The battle with Alexander happens at Christchurch’s Horncastle Arena on December 15, 2018. Alexander has never been in the ring with somebody of Parker’s dimension, and the majority of his wins have been against over coordinated rivalry.

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Joseph Parker will restore the ring for a certainty promoter battle against minimal known American warrior Alexander Flores (17-1, 14 KOs) in a 10 round battle in two months starting now and into the foreseeable future December 15, 2018 at the Horncastle Arena in New Zealand.

It’s dire that Parker get a win under his belt at this point in his career, as he’s been dropped from the top 15 by all four of the sanctioning bodies due to his 2 straight losses. If Parker loses this fight, then he might as well pack it in and retire from boxing, because this is a fight that he should win with flying colors. However, as mentally weak as Parker looked in his last fight against Dillian Whyte, you can’t say for sure whether he beats even a mediocre fighter like Flores.

Former World Boxing Organization heavyweight champion Parker (24-2, 18 KOs) is coming off back to back defeats to British heavyweights Dillian Whyte (24-1, 17 KOs) and Anthony Joshua (22-0, 21 KOs) in fights that took place in the UK and ended in controversy. Parker was asking for trouble by agreeing to fight Parker and Joshua in the UK.

Normally this would be a disappointing pick for the 26-year-old Parker, but he’s coming off of the losses to Whyte and Joshua, and he needs a victory, any kind of victory.

The 28-year-old Flores’ claim to fame is being knocked out in the 4th round by former IBF heavyweight champion Charles Martin in April 2014. Flores also has a six-round draw against journeyman Avery Johnson (9-7-4, 3 KOs) in October 2014. The fact that Flores couldn’t even beat a journeyman with a 9-7 record suggests that he doesn’t belong inside the same ring with a talented heavyweight like Parker.

“I know what is stake. I need to win and win well. I need to knock him out and I will knock him out,” Parker said. “For me, boxing is all about the challenge – and this is another big one.”


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